Our team were asked to design a lighting scheme for a school common room, they specified colour change LED lighting be used to give the room a modern look and feel.

The perfect solution was to use the dropped ceiling already part of the structure and use colour changing RGB LED strip lights that would fit neatly in the dropped ceiling channel and illuminate the ceiling in all of the areas required.

We used a total of 100 metres of RGB strip to create the effect shown below and it is all controlled from a single remote control allowing the staff to set a fixed colour of their choice or to have the system going through a range of various colour change scenes.


A large UK drinks distribution company came to us about the lighting in the ground around their head office building, the existing metal halide recessed ground lights had all begun to fail and the fittings were due for replacement. The problem they had is finding a fitting that would fit neatly in the existing holes cut in the ground.

Through our extensive supplier network we were able to source a fitting that fitted the holes exactly, these are a 36 watt cool white LED fitting with a toughened front glass able to take a 15 tonne weight.



A UK country house that is used for private and corporate functions approached us to provide some additional lighting to the front of their building, They wanted to use a colour change lighting scheme that could be used to enhance a company brand or to produce the colours required for a private function.

After a survey of the property it was decided to use a colour change RGB downlight that was recessed into the soffits of the building washing the walls on the front of the building with the required light.

All fittings are controlled from a single remote control that allows a fixed colour to be set or to have a range of various colour change scenes fading in and out.



A local UK client asked us to design a lighting scheme for their new entertaining and relaxation rooms in a new build attached to a large private dwelling, the client gave us free reign to give him a scheme with wow factor at night as this is regularly used for entertaining during the summer and winter months.

We decided on using cool white LED downlights in the soffits